Sunday, October 27, 2013

New Posts on IonPsych - October 27, 2013

This fall, I am teaching a graduate seminar on speaking/writing for general audiences. As part of the class, students blog at www.ionpsych.comEach week, I'll provide a short summary of the latest posts.

The latest posts on

Anna Popova discusses the value of negative experiences and imagination in decision making.

Jim Monti describes the best way to stave off the cognitive costs of aging.

Luis Flores describes a recent study of depression and argues that people with depression may enjoy activities just as much as those without depression, but they are less willing to work to experience those activities.

Christina Tworek muses on the causes of the large disparity between what scientists know and what the public knows of science.

Emily Hankosky critiques claims in a recent book espousing personal responsibility for overcoming addiction. She makes a case that discounting neurobiological bases of addiction is irresponsible.

Lindsey Hammerslag discusses the importance of teaching about certainty and uncertainty in science.

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